12 Sep 2017

Teacher / Disciple

From the teacher comes the disciple, and

12 Sep 2017

From the teacher comes the disciple, and from the disciple comes the teacher. It is the way of life…and the way of God. Whatever you have received from God, you must give to others. If you have been loved, you must love. And if you’ve been loved without having deserved that love, then you must love those who don’t deserve your love. If you’ve been given joy, your life must bring joy to others. If you’ve been saved, then you must save others. And if you’ve been blessed, then your life must bring blessing to the lives of others. And therefore, if you’ve received Yeshua, then your life must become Yeshua and Yeshua must become your life. Life begets life. Love begets love. So he made his life a gift to you, that your life would become a gift to the world. Only then is the circle complete…when your life becomes love.
– Jonathan Cahn

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