29 Apr 2017


The scriptures declare that all creation is

29 Apr 2017

The scriptures declare that all creation is undergoing the pains of childbirth. So too it is for the child of God. Whatever pains and tears you know in this life become the birth pangs of new life. We are born again through the birth pangs of emptiness, of disillusionment, of frustration, of disappointment, of broken dreams, of unanswered longings, of wounding, and of tears. So don’t despise the tears, but know that in God, every tear will bring forth birth, and every sorrow, new life…And the pains of this world will be forgotten when we experience the joy of birth into the new life to come. (“massaged” thoughts from Jonathan Cahn)

“I am convinced that even out of the most broken places in our lives, and the ashes of grief and sadness, (God) will bring some of the most breathtaking beauty… and in fact, we will dance on top of the ruins of what was intended for evil by the enemy.” -Steven Curtis Chapman

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