11 Apr 2017

The Longing

…but we find another longing within our

11 Apr 2017

…but we find another longing within our hearts… a longing for that which the world never answers. We long for the perfect, for a perfect love, a perfect happiness, a perfect contentment, and a perfect peace. We long for that which doesn’t fail, that which never disappoints, or grows old, or passes away. We long for the eternal and the perfect. But the world can never answer those longings … and still they stay with us all the days of our lives. We long for it even though we’ve never tasted it. And our very longings bear witness that what we have never seen or tasted is real.

We long for perfect because the perfect exists … Yes, and we long for a perfect love because there is a Perfect Love. We long for the Eternal because the Eternal exists and the Eternal put that longing into our hearts so we would seek Him … and find Him.

– Jonathan Cahn

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